Blue Buttons

A white shirt. A dent goes from your shoulder down the back of your arm. You're trying to tie a tie. 'Hooray! Now you're an adult', I say happily, clapping my hands. You slightly turn around to the sound of my voice. The lamp's light reveals all the unevenness of the fabric. I put my... Continue Reading →



- I've heard you called me 'human' behind my back. - Yes, I... - Why did you call me that? - But I... - I do not want to hear this word from you ever again. - Sorry.. - It's okay. I was called worse.   Photo /su__mendonca    

Into Ashes

My heart was pounding so hard as if it could break through my chest at any moment. Trees were passing rapidly before my eyes. I could easily run along this path blindfolded. I knew the location of all these trees, hills and stones as if it was a continuation of myself. But now I doubted... Continue Reading →

Eyes Closed

The sky became covered with dark clouds. A bright moon shines through this grey fog. Street lanterns reflect as glare on the wet asphalt. A wandering dog is sitting under the narrow canopy of a restaurant, hiding from the rain. The door opens, and the monotonous blows of the raindrops get instantly replaced by music... Continue Reading →

A Story from a Man Who Came Back

I stood by the door in complete silence and did not dare to knock. I listened and shuddered at every slight rustle behind it. From time to time, I took a deep breath and held my hand to the door. But obviously it was not enough to make at least a couple of knocks with... Continue Reading →

Old Town

A house stood on the spot where the eyes of local habitants used to see fields of cherry trees. For those who moved here quite recently, nothing has changed at all. As if this house has always been a part of that small world, consisting of several dozen houses and numerous roads. This world was... Continue Reading →

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